The project is funded by EU through Operative Programme “Human Resources Development”
Partners on the project are Association of South Western Municipalities and Social Enterprise Coalition, UK
Establishing a network of social enterprises for implementing innovative marketing strategies

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In 2002, the British government published the following definition in its official document "Social enterprise is a business with leading social objectives whose surplus is reinvested back into the business or in the community rather than be guided by the need to maximize profits for the owners of capital or shareholders."

Social enterprises have all the hallmarks of traditional enterprises, producing goods and services; use inputs that have a clear cost; are autonomous; take significant level of economic risk.

Their business has a social aspect: pursue a clear social purpose; serve the public or a particular group of people in disadvantaged social position; do not seek to maximize profit to distribute it among the participants in the capital of the enterprise.

The most important feature of social entrepreneurship is pronounced social impact, which is reflected in the use of revenue generated to support target groups; participation of the target groups in business / employment creation / and provide services unattractive for businesses to disadvantaged people; creating opportunities for professional and social integration; create social value and saving social costs.



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